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         A u s t r a l i a n    S h e p h e r d s
Welcome to Hotoz Kennels.  I am an Australian Shepherd
enthusiast more so than a breeder so litters are far and few as I
do not own more than 3 dogs.

When I do breed I strive to include intelligent and breed
appropriate pairings.
Last updated :   17th November  2014.
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Family gathering at Maryborough
on 11th September 2011.

Barney & Olivia got to catch up
with their father & sister.

L to R:  Sally, Krystal, Barney,
Olivia & Tank.

Krystal proved to be a bugger not
wanting Tank in on the photos.

Thanks to handlers Lynn & Brooke for
helping in this photo and also a big
thank you to Karen for bringing Sally
down and making this photo possible.

L to R:  Tank, Barney, Olivia,
Krystal & Sally.

Relaxing by the pool.