My  first litter was from Ch. Sugargum Fort Indiana (IID) CD AD ET HIT by Ch. Sugargum Texas Outlaw CDX ADM JD
ET HIT and was whelped 16th October 1999.

These puppies were placed into homes where people had owned a dog before but not necessarily performance homes.  
Coming from strong working lines on the dam's side I was worried that they would be too busy but they all fitted in well
into their new homes.  Some went on to trial in dog sports or show in conformation while others were companion pets.
    " W i l d "   L i t t e r
I did keep a puppy that I just couldn't  part with.   He was a beautiful Black-Bi (Black with white trim) called Dillon (Ch.
Hotoz Wild Image AD).  Dillon was a great dog that just loved his tennis balls and soft plush toys.  Till the day he died he
was always young at heart.
Ch. Hotoz Wild Reflection CD AD JD
SPD    "Madison"  lived at Kaasha
Kennels in Western Australia.
(Black & White)
16 Oct. 1999 - April 2012
TCh. Hotoz Wild Opinion CD AD JDX  SPD  
GD   "Oscar" lived in Tasmania.
(Blue Merle & White)
16 Oct. 1999 - Sept. 2009
Hotoz Wild Ambition CDX    "Harley"
lives in  Victoria.
(Blue Merle, Copper & White)
Hotoz Wild Fantasy CDX    "Chiquita"
lives in  Victoria.
(Blue Merle Bi)
16th Oct. 1999 - Oct. 2014
Photo taken at 12 years of age
Ch. Hotoz Wild Sensation     "Benita"
(Black, Copper & White)
Hotoz Wild Justice CDX      "Zane"
lives in  Victoria.
(Red Merle & White)
Photo taken at 10 years of age
16th Oct. 1999 - Dec. 2013
Ch. Hotoz Wild Image AD    "Dillon"
stayed at Hotoz
(Black & White)
16 Oct. 1999 - June 2008
Hotoz Wild  Sanction     "Jessie"
lived in Tasmania.
(Black, Copper & White)
16 Oct. 1999 - Aug. 2009
Australian Champion
Sugargum Texas Outlaw

Blue Merle, White & Copper
Australian Champion
Sugargum Fort Indiana (IID)

Black & White
Australian Champion  
Bouncing Ball's Chance Of Fog (Imp USA) ADX JD

Red Merle, White & Copper
Australian Champion
Bouncing Ball Tiny Jazzdance (Imp USA) CDX

Black, White & Copper
Colorado's How The West Was Won (USA)

Blue Merle & White
Am. Ch., Aust. Ch. & NZ Ch.
Los Pinos Spotlight In Paris (Imp USA)

Black, White &  Copper
Am. Ch. Saddleridge's Risky Business (USA)
Bouncing Ball's Lady Bair (USA)
Bouncing Ball's Tiny Lester (USA)
Am. Ch. SCF Come Dance On Broadway (USA)
Jones' Little Redwood (USA)
Ruff-N-Reddy Hunny Bear (USA)
Chanelde Centerring Attraction (USA)
Jubilee's Gold Digger (USA)
Pedigree for the "Wild" Litter :~